Healer, Doctor, New Thought Minister, Brewer, Webmaster, The Voice of Thomas Troward

We remember his amazing kindness and quiet spirituality. Well mannered, insightful and deeply compassionate. Doc Spot helped countless people with medicine, acupuncture, and DivineUnity New Thought Classes.

  Rev. Dr. Spottiswoode was a key figure in developing the New Thought Library
We called him "Doc Spot". His work as "the voice of Thomas Troward" has been downloaded by thousands around the globe.

  The Edinburgh Lectures

  The Dore Lectures

  The Law and The Word

Read the complete Thomas Troward collection
DivineUnity means our etneral oneness with Great Spirit DivineUnity Minister


What does the Sacred Symbol mean?Rev. Dr. Spottiswoode was a key researcher who uncovered New Thought Day which will be 100 years old on August 23rd, 2015

New Thought Day

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