We will always be grateful for the amazing work that "Doc Spot" did for Universal New Thought Network and the New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine. We will be linking to his works as we have more time.


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Web support for groups using the non-profit support system. Over the years, Doc Spot helped a lot of wonderful non-profit groups with their websites and projects. We furnished hosting for about 20 of these groups, including some non-profit clinics that he supported. Dr. A helped him to learn a number of different systems and together they installed about 20 Word press sites, 5 joomlas and 15 Drupal sites as well as over 100 standard super sites.

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We will make sure that you get the support you need during this time of transition.

Doc Spot was an amazing healer and caring friend. He would take long walks by the Rio Grande River and in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. We scattered his ashes in one of his favorite meditation spots.

We will be posting pictures of some of his meditation spots here as we gather them, along with his recommended meditation practices and some of the vegetarian recipes he brought to the meditation / prayer circle.

If you are in a particular online class, and have just learned about this situation, please help us to network with his other students, so that we can insure that everyone is aware of why he is not showing up to teach those classes. We will be putting a form here for you to fill, so that you can all get a full scholarship for those classes that you could not complete through another New Thought Minister and / or doctor.

Please return soon and the link will be here to the form.

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